h&z launches in-house Center for Future Mobility

By bund­ling exis­ting inter­nal exper­ti­se into a new cen­ter, h&z takes the next step towards sup­porting custo­mers in sha­ping the future of mobi­li­ty

The Cen­ter for Future Mobi­li­ty will bund­le the exis­ting exper­ti­se from pre­vious activi­ties around three core are­as: Auto­no­mous Dri­ving, Con­nec­ted Vehi­cles, and Mobi­li­ty Solu­ti­ons. Through the con­ti­nuous moni­to­ring of the rele­vant fiel­ds, we are able to swift­ly act upon upco­m­ing trends, regu­la­ti­ons, mar­ket dyna­mics and other fac­tors. The seni­or experts invol­ved com­pri­se several years of hands-on expe­ri­ence in deve­lo­ping solu­ti­ons in stra­te­gy, M&A, invest­ments, mar­ket and com­pe­ti­tors ana­ly­sis, tes­ting and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on oppor­tu­nities.

Thanks to this initia­ti­ve, we will be able to bet­ter navi­ga­te our exis­ting and future cli­ents across the jung­le of oppor­tu­nities and thre­ats that future mobi­li­ty cur­r­ent­ly is” say Andre­as Gabri­els and Ben­ja­min Scher, the two initia­tors of the new group.

If you are inte­rested in recei­ving regu­lar updates from the many dif­fe­rent activi­ties of the Cen­ter, we invi­te you to our Lin­kedIn Page – or feel free to get in touch via futuremobility@huz.de.


Rainer Hoffmann

Seni­or Part­ner



Andreas Gabriels

Head of
Busi­ness Intel­li­gence



Benjamin Scher

Stra­te­gy &
Inno­va­ti­on Con­sul­tant