h&z Center for Future Mobility welcomes R+V in their partner network as the first insurance firm

The many dif­fe­rent pro­s­pects in the realm of future mobi­li­ty are affec­ting ever-more indus­tries – the insuran­ce indus­try is one of them.

Future mobi­li­ty solu­ti­ons will requi­re a very dif­fe­rent approach to insuran­ce than what we are used to today. We expect more fle­xi­bi­li­ty, more short-term con­tracts, and a fun­da­men­tal shift in the actu­al risks we are insu­ring” says Mat­thi­as Schmidt, head of the inno­va­ti­on depart­ment MO14 at R+V.

Given that the insuran­ce indus­try is adap­t­ing to a still rather unknown set of tech­no­lo­gies, with dif­fe­rent approa­ches to auto­no­my and new risks, they requi­re a prag­ma­tic approach to under­stan­ding the tech­no­lo­gies they will one day insu­re. R+V fol­lows such a prag­ma­tic approach. They were among the first to bring a peop­le mover onto public stre­ets (see for examp­le https://www.ruv.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/ruv-autonomer-bus). By doing so, they gai­ned valu­able insights into the real-life strengths, weak­nes­ses and custo­mer inter­ac­tions while also going through the part­ly pain­ful cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on pro­cess. R+V con­ti­nues to con­duct hands-on test pro­jects in a varie­ty of fiel­ds inclu­ding pla­too­n­ing and truck par­king.

We are hap­py that our h&z Cen­ter for Future Mobi­li­ty now ent­e­red a part­nership with R+V and sup­ports their jour­ney towards the auto­mo­ti­ve insuran­ce of the future: “Our regu­lar exch­an­ges have always been very fruit­ful and R+V’s prag­ma­tic and enab­ling approach to future mobi­li­ty aligns per­fect­ly with our approach to con­sul­ting with head, heart, and hand” says one of our experts Ben­ja­min Scher. “We value the gre­at exper­ti­se, espe­ci­al­ly in auto­no­mous mobi­li­ty at the Cen­ter for Future Mobi­li­ty. Their con­ti­nuous moni­to­ring of the mar­ket and the tech­no­lo­gies add a lot of value for our efforts”, adds Mat­thi­as Schmidt.

As a first pro­ject, we now coope­ra­te with R+V in the field of auto­no­mous truck solu­ti­ons.


Rainer Hoffmann

Seni­or Part­ner



Andreas Gabriels

Head of
Busi­ness Intel­li­gence



Benjamin Scher

Stra­te­gy &
Inno­va­ti­on Con­sul­tant