People Mover – How far is the technology? A first answer based on the Navya shuttle in Neuhausen

Auto­no­mous peop­le mover vehi­cles are cur­r­ent­ly gro­wing like mushrooms after a rain. Many firms are pre­sen­ting their con­cepts and road-ready vehi­cles. Even at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, this new type of local trans­por­ta­ti­on was among the key tech­no­lo­gies.

Caution: Why you should be skeptical about assessing autonomous technology based on disengagement reports

A few weeks ago, the Cali­for­nia Sta­te of Motor Vehi­cles published the latest series of dis­en­ga­ge­ment reports from tho­se com­pa­nies tes­ting auto­no­mous vehi­cle in the sta­te. Over­all, the num­bers paint a pic­tu­re of decrea­sing dis­en­ga­ge­ments – and con­se­quent­ly an impro­ving tech­no­lo­gy?!

A car is not an iPhone – Educating your customers in regards to driving assistance is a crucial task

Cha­ris­ma­tic Elon Musk hard­ly falls short on crea­ting public atten­ti­on. About two years ago, he announ­ced a pro­mi­sin­gly high vehi­cle crash rate reduc­tion with their Auto­steer sys­tem instal­led.

Humans break laws, autonomous vehicles do not

Ima­gi­ne you are dri­ving on a sub­ur­ban street and all of a sud­den a ball boun­ces onto the road. You will imme­dia­te­ly slow down and be very cau­tious whilst con­ti­nuous­ly che­cking for kids who might fol­low the ball onto the street. Wit­hin less than a second your brain and body have per­for­med qui­te a few tasks, which can be bro­ken down into three simp­le steps.

h&z launches in-house Center for Future Mobility

By bund­ling exis­ting inter­nal exper­ti­se into a new cen­ter, h&z takes the next step towards sup­porting custo­mers in sha­ping the future of mobi­li­ty

6 Game Changers

2018 mar­ked many „firsts“ for the world of mobi­li­ty and trans­por­ta­ti­on: the first com­mer­ci­al „auto­no­mous“ ODM ser­vice in sub-urban Phoe­nix, the first appro­val to test level 5 self-dri­ving vehi­cles without back-up dri­ver in Cali­for­nia and, unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the first casu­al­ty in Tem­pe, Ari­zo­na. 2018 was a year of tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­gress, cor­po­ra­te con­so­li­da­ti­on, bold pre­dic­tions and strong mar­ke­ting cam­pai­gns.

On demand mobility

For years, On Demand Mobi­li­ty and Ride-Hai­ling ser­vices have been hyped as the solu­ti­on for many of the com­mon urban mobi­li­ty pro­blems. The for­mu­la is simp­le: sha­red and on-demand usa­ge of trans­por­ta­ti­on means will signi­fi­cant­ly decrea­se the total num­ber of vehi­cles nee­ded and thus destress the con­ge­sted urban infra­st­ruc­tu­re. Quick­ly, urban plan­ners star­ted to envi­si­on sce­n­a­ri­os of seam­less jour­neys in con­nec­ted, per­so­na­li­zed, yet sha­red vehi­cles without traf­fic jams and mini­mal envi­ron­men­tal and socie­tal impact.