Data Protection

1. Scope

This Data Pro­tec­tion Decla­ra­ti­on descri­bes the type, scope and pur­po­se of per­so­nal data collec­tion and usa­ge on the web­site at (“Web­site”) ope­ra­ted by h&z Busi­ness Con­sul­ting AG (“we” or “us”). We are respon­si­ble for any per­so­nal data collec­ted on the Web­site, unless this Data Pro­tec­tion Decla­ra­ti­on pro­vi­des other­wi­se. Manage­ment Board of h&z Busi­ness Con­sul­ting AG are Ste­fan Aich­bau­er, Micha­el San­to, Rai­ner Hoff­mann, Dr. Tho­mas Zach­au. The h&z Busi­ness Con­sul­ting AG Data Pro­tec­tion Offi­cer is avail­ab­le at

2. Per­so­nal Data

Per­so­nal data” shall inclu­de infor­ma­ti­on based on which indi­vi­du­als are iden­ti­fia­ble, that is, infor­ma­ti­on which can be traced back to indi­vi­du­als. This typi­cal­ly inclu­des names, e‑mail addres­ses or pho­ne num­bers, but pure­ly tech­ni­cal infor­ma­ti­on attri­bu­ta­ble to indi­vi­du­als can also be con­s­i­de­red per­so­nal data.

3. Auto­ma­tic Access Data/Server Log­files Collection

With each Web­site access, we auto­ma­ti­cal­ly collect a series of tech­ni­cal data which must be deemed per­so­nal data and which inclu­de the user’s IP address, the name of the acces­sed web­site and/or file, date and time of access, trans­fer­red quan­ti­ty of data, suc­cess­ful access noti­fi­ca­ti­on, brow­ser type and the user’s ope­ra­ting sys­tem ver­si­on, inclu­ding the MAC address, refer­rer URL (the web­site acces­sed befo­re). The­se data will not be com­bi­ned with other per­so­nal data which you actively pro­vi­de on the Web­site. Ser­ver log­files con­tai­ning the above data will be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted after 30 days. We reser­ve the right to save them for lon­ger if the­re is rea­son to belie­ve that unaut­ho­ri­sed acces­ses (hacking attempts or DoS attacks) occurred.

4. What is an IP Address?

Each device (such as smart­pho­nes, tablet/desktop com­pu­ters) con­nec­ted to the inter­net is assi­gned an IP address which depends on the inter­net access through which your device is con­nec­ted. This may be an IP address assi­gned by your inter­net pro­vi­der if you con­nect through your Wi-Fi net­work at home, but it may as well be an IP address assi­gned by your mobi­le com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons pro­vi­der or that from public or pri­va­te Wi-Fi net­works or other inter­net acces­ses. In its most com­mon ver­si­on (IPv4), IP addres­ses con­sist of four groups of digits sepa­ra­ted by full stops. Most­ly, pri­va­te users use alter­na­ting IP addres­ses sin­ce pro­vi­ders assign them only for a limi­ted time (“dyna­mic IP addres­ses”). Per­man­ent­ly assi­gned IP addres­ses (“sta­tic IP addres­ses”) theo­reti­cal­ly enab­le clear user data allo­ca­ti­on through this fea­ture. Except for pro­se­cu­ting unaut­ho­ri­sed acces­ses, we do not use such data on a per­son-rela­ted basis, but we ana­ly­se them in an anony­mous way to see which Web­sites are acces­sed most each day and simi­lar things.

5. Con­tact

When con­tac­ting us (through the con­tact form, by e-mail or other­wi­se), user data will be saved for pro­ces­sing que­ries and for sub­se­quent ques­ti­ons which might arise.

6. Coo­kies

Coo­kies are small text files which the rele­vant brow­ser stores on the device when acces­sing our Web­site. This way, indi­vi­du­al Web­site ser­vices can “reco­gnise” you and “learn” which set­tings you selec­ted. Coo­kies enhan­ce web­site user-fri­end­li­ness (such as by saving log-on data), but they also help to collect sta­tis­ti­cal Web­site usa­ge data and we use such data for ana­ly­sis and adver­ti­se­ment pur­po­ses. Some coo­kies will be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted from your device once you lea­ve the Web­site (“ses­si­on coo­kies”); others are stored for defi­ni­te peri­ods of less than two years (“per­sis­tent coo­kies”). We also use third-par­ty coo­kies mana­ged by third par­ties to pro­vi­de cer­tain ser­vices. They can influ­ence the use of coo­kies. Most brow­sers have an opti­on for total­ly or par­ti­al­ly pre­ven­ting coo­kies from being stored. Howe­ver, we point out that this may restrict Web­site usa­ge and user-friendliness.

7. Goog­le Analytics

Our Web­site uses Goog­le Ana­ly­tics, a web­site ana­ly­sis ser­vice pro­vi­ded by Goog­le Inc., 1600 Amphi­theat­re Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, United Sta­tes. Goog­le Ana­ly­tics uses what is refer­red to as “coo­kies”. By sto­ring such coo­kies on your com­pu­ter, Goog­le can ana­ly­se your Web­site usa­ge. Such infor­ma­ti­on and your IP address will be trans­fer­red to and stored on US-based Goog­le ser­vers. Goog­le eva­lua­tes your activi­ties on our Web­site and pre­pa­res reports in this regard which we are pro­vi­ded with. This may make it pos­si­ble to offer or ren­der other ser­vices rela­ted to the Web­site usa­ge or to inter­net usa­ge in gene­ral. Goog­le may trans­fer such infor­ma­ti­on to third par­ties if this is requi­red by the law or if Goo­g­les com­mis­si­ons third par­ties with pro­ces­sing the­se data. Howe­ver, Goog­le will in no case link your IP address to any other data collec­ted by them. You can pre­vent such coo­kies from being stored on your com­pu­ter by selec­ting the rele­vant set­tings in your brow­ser. Howe­ver, this may restrict your abi­li­ty to use our Web­site. You can pre­vent Goog­le from collec­ting, trans­fer­ring and pro­ces­sing your data and IP address by down­loa­ding and instal­ling a plug-in which is pro­vi­ded at the fol­lo­wing link: Brow­ser Add-On for Goog­le Ana­ly­tics Deac­tiva­ti­on. You may also pre­vent data collec­tion through Goog­le Ana­ly­tics by cli­cking on the below link. This installs an opt‑out coo­kie pre­ven­ting future data collec­tion when visi­ting this Web­site: Goog­le Ana­ly­tics Deac­tiva­ti­on For more infor­ma­ti­on on terms and con­di­ti­ons of use and data pro­tec­tion, plea­se refer to and/or We point out that, on this Web­site, Goog­le Ana­ly­tics was exten­ded by the “anony­mi­zeIp” code to ensu­re anony­mous IP address collec­tion (“IP masking”).

8. Goog­le AdWor­ds

We use the “Goog­le AdWor­ds” online adver­ti­se­ment tool and, in the con­text of Goog­le AdWor­ds, con­ver­si­on tracking tools. Goog­le Con­ver­si­on Tracking is an ana­ly­sis ser­vice pro­vi­ded by Goog­le Inc. (1600 Amphi­theat­re Park­way, Moun­tain View, CA 94043, United Sta­tes; “Goog­le”). If you click on any adver­ti­se­ments dis­play­ed by Goog­le, a con­ver­si­on tracking coo­kie is instal­led on your com­pu­ter. The­se coo­kies beco­me inva­lid after 30 days, they do not con­tain per­so­nal data and ser­ve no per­so­nal iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on pur­po­ses. If you visit cer­tain pages on our Web­site and if the coo­kie is still valid, Goog­le and we reco­gnise that you cli­cked on the adver­ti­se­ment and were trans­fer­red to our Web­site. Each Goog­le AdWor­ds custo­mer is assi­gned ano­t­her coo­kie so that is it impos­si­ble to trace coo­kies back through web­sites from AdWor­ds custo­mers. Data collec­ted through con­ver­si­on coo­kies have the pur­po­se of crea­ting con­ver­si­on sta­tis­tics for AdWor­ds custo­mers who opted for the con­ver­si­on tracking ser­vice. The custo­mers get to know the total num­ber of users who cli­cked on the adver­ti­se­ment and who were trans­fer­red to pages having a con­ver­si­on tracking tag. Howe­ver, they recei­ve no infor­ma­ti­on through which they can iden­ti­fy any users. If you do not want to par­ti­ci­pa­te in this tracking ser­vice, you may reject their usa­ge by pre­ven­ting coo­kie instal­la­ti­on based on your brow­ser set­tings (opti­on for deac­tiva­ti­on). If you do so, you will not be inclu­ded in con­ver­si­on tracking sta­tis­tics. For more infor­ma­ti­on and the Goog­le Data Pro­tec­tion Decla­ra­ti­on, plea­se refer to and

9. Modi­fi­ca­ti­ons, Cor­rec­tions and Updates

You have the right to recei­ve free-of-char­ge infor­ma­ti­on on per­so­nal data which we collec­ted. Also, you may request incor­rect data to be cor­rec­ted and your per­so­nal data to be blo­cked and dele­ted, unless this is con­tra­ry to sta­tu­to­ry reten­ti­on peri­ods. For this pur­po­se, you may con­tact at any time.

10. Data Storage

Wir spei­chern per­so­nen­be­zo­ge­ne Daten nur so lan­ge, wie es nötig ist, um die Dienst­leis­tun­gen aus­zu­füh­ren, die Sie gewünscht oder zu denen Sie Ihre Ein­wil­li­gung erteilt haben, sofern kei­ne anders lau­ten­den gesetz­li­chen Ver­pflich­tun­gen bestehen. Auf­be­wah­rungs­pflich­ten, die uns zur Auf­be­wah­rung von Daten ver­pflich­ten, erge­ben sich aus Vor­schrif­ten der Rech­nungs­le­gung (§ 257 HGB) und aus steu­er­recht­li­chen Vor­schrif­ten (§  147 AO sowie § 14b UStG). Gemäß die­sen Vor­schrif­ten sind geschäft­li­che Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­on, geschlos­se­ne Ver­trä­ge und Buchungs­be­le­ge bis zu 10 Jah­ren auf­zu­be­wah­ren. Soweit wir die­se Daten nicht mehr zur Durch­füh­rung der Dienst­leis­tun­gen für Sie benö­ti­gen, wer­den die Daten gesperrt.

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